shastaMount Shasta - A Photo-Novella for the Internet.
Complete in Six Chapters.

In 2000, the first chapter of "Mount Shasta" was posted on the World Wide Web. The second and third chapters followed in 2001, posted in as they were completed in "serial" fashion. The actual climb took place in September of 2001 and the work was completed in 2002.
Back in those days, it was very difficult to have any sort of streaming video, so I chose to realize the work as a Macromedia (now Adobe) Flash movie composed of still images with a sound track. While not perfect, this allowed for 640 x 480 resolution at a time when bandwith was precious (56k dial-up was the norm) and most streaming video was the size of a postage stamp. That version has been posted since 2002 and is still available HERE.
In 2004, a DVD version of the work was created for use as a projection as part of an exhibition in Nordhorn, Germany. Since bandwidth wasn't an issue, images were a better and the audio quality much improved. Recent improvements in Flash Player technology made me decide to try and set up a new version of the Mount Shasta Photo-Novella, more closely resembling the DVD version.
Available here, this new version does require the lastest Flash and each Chapter must be selected individually:

Chapter One (includes Titles) Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five Chapter Six (includes Credits)
Peter Santino September 16, 2011