In the summer of 1977, I moved to Seattle, Washington. Originally a move to be able to spend more time climbing mountains with Steve Dockter, I decided to try and exhibit my drawings from the past seven years. With the help of my friend/mentor from WACO days, Willam F. Thurman, and the great curator Rolon "Bert" Garner, I was able to get a show (together with Mike Hascall) at the not-for-profit space, and/or Gallery on First Hill (around the corner from the Comet Tavern).
Following is a little group of photos of the drawings as installed:

CBS Evening News (with Dan Rather)

The first summer I was living in Seattle, I took a lot of photographs. Some of these were pasted together to later become the basis of large drawings. Others were stuck together as a sort of "photo-montage". This group taken of the TV became a little Flash movie 20 years later.

Dan Rather