The Last Things

Paintings on plastic and 3 dimensional objects.
This was my first solo exhibition in New York and the first exhibition of Colin De Land's Vox Populi Gallery on East 6th Street.
I met Colin through Joe Davis, a very under-appreciated artist of that period in New York. Both of us had studio spaces in the Times Square area building at 233 West 42nd Street.
The gallery space was not in the best of shape and with no money for a complete renovation, I made the suggestion to just patch and then clear coat the existing walls.

Installation images, Vox Populi Gallery, September 1984.
In all cases, the text you see in the painting is the title. Some panels are in groups (the group of 4 is actually called "The Last Things") Each panel is either 6ft. x 4ft. 6in. or 4ft. 6in. x 6ft., oil (Varathane) on clear vinyl streched over bent electrical conduit.

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"Crucifix", 1984, 6ft. x 4ft. 6in., oil on clear vinyl

"3D Crucifix", 1984, 8ft. x 5ft. x 3ft.(approx.),
oil on aluminum litho sheets on foamcore armature.

"3D Crucifix" was not exhibited in this exhibition but was a part of the Easter Exhibition, "The 14 Stations" in 1985


3D Jets, "Jesus Neuvo" and "Jesus Viejo", 1983-4, 11ft. x 4ft. x 4ft.(each),
oil on aluminum litho sheets on foamcore armature.


Another version of "Red, Pink, Green", "PINK MAKE YOU WEAK" and "RED MAKE YOU ANGRY", 1984, oil on clear vinyl.
These paintings and the "Totentanz" were not exhibited in New York.


The Totentanz, "Totentanz 1", "Totentanz 2", "Totentanz 3" and "Totentanz 4", 1983-4, 6ft. x 4ft. 6in. (each), oil on clear vinyl.