First Public Sand Work

Includes the group exhibition in the Fall of 1989 at the Aldrich Contemporay Art Museum, "Project: Installation", with: Magdalena Abakanowicz, Andrea Fisher, Kristen Jones/Andrew Ginzel, Dennis Oppenheim, Osvaldo Romberg and Michael Timpson.

Most of the remaining work on this page was studio work and never exhibited publicly.

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"February 22, 1989", 7' x 8' (floor and ceiling), pigmented sand on sand, cement on carved foam.
A listing of all the names given babies born in New York City on that day.
"Attache Case", 1989, oil on vinyl case.
"B BYH Z L" 1989, 12ft. x 9ft., lampblack on salt. The names of the Supreme Court Justices.
"M RC LD CH MP", 1989, 2ft. x 8ft., cement on carved foam. Marcel Duchamp's name (sans vowels). Intended to be part of a suspended ceiling consisting of up to a hundred of these names.
"ESP" 1989, 4 panels, 2ft. x 2ft. each, oil on masonite.
"Untitled Objects", 1989, various objects covered in encaustic and cement.
Encaustic on panel
Subway Paintings (all from 1989):
"4 Variations on the Word TET", 12in. x 24in. (each), oil on panel, with gilded frame.
"1968 #4", 1989, tinted sand on sand and cement on carved foam. 5ft. x 12ft. x 6ft.