In 1993, after returning from 2 years in Italy, we settled back in my home town of Eureka and oddly I began exhibiting in Europe. The first exhibition was in Vienna and that led to Geneva later in the year.

Heiligenkreuzerhof, Vienna, Austria 1993.

"762 Failures", 1993, 4.5 M x 11 M, sand and formed sand. A sandpainting concerned with contemporary art's failure to communicate. As realized in Vienna, for a group exhibition entitled "Travelogue", curated by Jackie McAllister. The formed sand balls are arranged in Braille code.
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Galerie Analix, Genève, Switzerland 1993. A two person exhibition with Jessica Diamond.

"404 Failures", 1993, 5.5M x 5M, sand and formed sand. The sand balls are arranged in Braille code spelling out a text concerning the death of Federico Fellini.
"142 Failures", 3 Meter circle, tinted sand. Text (in Braille code) is: "TET, JANUARY 25, 1968" (repeats). Also visible in the background is "Yes Constellation", 1993 by Jessica Diamond (on wall).