The Apology

Watari Um Museum, Tokyo, Japan 1995.
A sandpainting concerned with formal apology. As realized in Tokyo, for a group exhibition entitled "Ripple Across the Water", curated by Jan Hoet. This exhibition coincided with the fiftieth anniversary of the American use of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The 1000 hand formed cement balls are arranged in Braille code to form the words (in English) "I am sorry, I am very sorry". Interestingly, because of the nature of the design, the formal apology is mirrored, allowing the possibiity that there are two simultaneous apologies.

The exhibition was hosted by the Watari Um Museum but actually was situated in many different locations throughout the Shibuya and Minato Prefectures of Tokyo. This work was in the garden space of MoonStar, a Tokyo footwear manufacturer's corporate headquarters.

At the entrance to the space, a portable cassette player played a loop of Brenda Lee's "I'm Sorry".

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"I Am Sorry", 1995, 7 meter circle, sand, gravel and 1,000 hand-formed cement balls.
Tokyo Tokyo Tokyo Tokyo
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