The Year of Difficult Sand Paintings

For some reason, in 1998, the major project I was working on for Groep T in Leuven, Belgium, was cancelled after I had spent a great amount of time doing plans and submitting proposals for a beautiful sand work dealing with what can only be termed "the Y2K Bug Craze". Everything was set, I think I even had plane tickets, and then, in an email... cancelled.
Later that year, a strong, long term relationship with the director of a San Francisco public art organization was also abruptly (again by email) ended after I submitted photos and drawings for a planned exhibition dealing with the investigation into and the impeachment of President Bill Clinton.

It was just a difficult year and I wanted to at least post some images here of those proposed works even though they were never realized and most likely never will be.

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The Y2K Project for GroepT, Leuven, Belgium.
Groep T
The Trinity
trinity judicial legislative executive