All Happy Now (Humboldt).

"All Happy Now" (Humboldt Version)
Work on the 100 foot diameter spiral ziggurat was begun in the previous fall.
After several months of wet winter weather, it became possible to continue work in early February, 2005, but only with the use of a Jeep generously donated by Henry Robertson.
Most of the bender board was placed in the spring and the long process of moving topsoil onto the mound with a shovel and wheel barrow was begun.

"All real art involves the use of a 4-wheel drive vehicle."

-Peter Santino, 2005
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All Happy Now All Happy Now All Happy Now All Happy Now
The Jeep
Visitors and the Interns
All Happy Now All Happy Now All Happy Now

"All Happy Now" (Humboldt) is being realized at the eastern edge of the Humboldt Botanical Gardens, located near Eureka. For more information about the Humboldt Botanical Gardens Project: HBGF

"All Happy Now" (Humboldt) is the second realization of a project first designed in the mid-1990's. Selected for the 2001 Netherlands sculpture exhibition, Sonsbeek 9, by curator Jan Hoet, it was constructed to different dimensions using Corten steel as the riser material. For images and more information: see 2001.

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