1991 to present


The first thing, back in 1991, was the letterhead. After I decided that Failure Institute should exist, I felt it needed official stationary. As we were living in Italy at the time, I was lucky to find a small printshop in Florence willing to do an order.
Letterpress, old lead font, on a beautiful, pale blue, rag paper. Hard to find these days.
This was sent out from Italy with a one-line message: "We are ready when you are."

Failure Institute Certificates and Banknotes:

25 Unit
25 unit
Back in Eureka in 1993, there was another small printshop still using letterpress, Lambert & McKeehan. They also had dusty racks of old certificate blanks. I bought quite a few, but should have bought more. This was the first Failure Institute certificate, modeled on a stock certificate.
25 unit back
The back of the 25 Unit Failure Institute certificate.

5 Unit
5 unit
This 5 unit certificate was issued in 1996. Also working with Lambert & McKeehan with some additional color from my inkjet.
5 unit back

The back of the 5 unit certificate.

1 Unit
1 unit
The 1 unit certificate, now more like a banknote, was issued as an enclosure with the
Summer 2002 issue of Cabinet Magazine, an issue devoted to Failure.
1 unit back

50 Unit
50 Unit
This 50 Unit Banknote was issued in 2004 as a part of an exhibition in Germany entitled
"Magnificent Failure"
50 unit back

44 Unit
44 Unit
This is the most recent Certificate/Banknote issued in 2011 for
"The Exhibition at the End of Time, at the End of the World", December, 2012.
44 unit back
The 44 Unit Certificate has been issued in an edition of 2,000.
Each uniquely numbered to match numbered holographic authenticity seals.
Numbering is from 335001 - 336000 and from 410000 - 411000.