There was a time, back in the late 1990's, when I was convinced that Macromedia Flash (now Adobe Animate) in combination with the Internet was the medium I wished to work in more than any other. Not so much anymore. Flash media became very susceptible to hacking and hiding malware and browsers wouldn't allow it to run. But for a time there were some wonderful works done in that medium. Below are descriptions of some of my contributions. All of these seemed to be leading to the ultimate Flash project, "Mount Shasta, A Photo-Novella for the Internet."

The first project. From photos taken in the 1970's: cbs
Originally a printed flip book of a series of photos I took of the CBS Evening News back in Seattle, 1977. Soundtrack of "Anarchy in the U.K." by the Sex Pistols.

"I Like Fidel Castro...". A series of images chonicling the number of US Presidents Fidel Castro had seen come and go. Soundtrack of Bob Dylan's "Motorpsycho Nightmare"

The Fingers, an Interactive Flash.fingers
It was possible to click on any of my ten digits, get a larger image and hear the appropriate part of a delightlul little childrens song by the very talented Lisa Monet.

"Follow the Money" follow
An animated work based on a sand painting I did for the Staedistche Galerie in Nordhorn, Germany in 1997.

The Tea Party Patriots and ****pists make their first appearance. for what Using a clip from the great William Wyler film, "The Best Years of Our Lives", I was attempting to show the beginnings of the current situation.

Fabrizio in Heaven. god
A dear friend lost to AIDS. Just a slow zoom with a soundtrack of Neil Young's "Harvest Moon"

Ken Lay Ken Lay, of Enron, advances World Socialism, just by contrast. All Warmly Hail Ken!

Answered Prayers. power of prayer
A short animation beseeching Fundamentalist Christians to please seek council from a secular humanist before acting on "words from above". In East Texas a praying young mother hears a voice telling her it would please Him if she would "smash her son's head with a rock". George W. Bush, also praying at the same moment, hears the same voice: "...smash Hussein, head of Iraq".

The apology. sorry An animation of the work "Apology".

tet The true source of The Failure. TET Offensive, January 1968.

An admiration of Katherine Graham of The Washington Post.