Basel Art Fair and American Fine Arts, Co.
Early in 1994, I was back in Switzerland with a sand work for the booth of Galerie Analix at the Basel Art Fair and then in New York for a solo exhibition at American Fine Arts, Co.

Basel Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland 1994.

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Failure of Right (RMN), 1994, 2.5M x 5M, (8 feet x 16.5 feet) sand and salt. The first incarnation of The 14 Stations of RMN. As realized in Basel, in the booth of Galerie Analix of Genève, Switzerland.

Failure of Right Failure of Right


American Fine Arts, Co., New York, NY, 1994.

Failure of Left, 1994, 3M circle, sand and tinted sand.



In addition to the circular sandpainting, the exhibition at American Fine Arts included examples of Failed Paintings done in 1994. Small balls (2" - 3" diameter) of wood, cement, marble or lead mounted on the walls:

text father son ghost



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