Failure of Fuck


In 1996, I had a solo exhibition at Galerie Analix in Genève, Switzerland and later participated in another of Jan Hoet's curated group shows, De Rode Poort in Gent, Belgium at the new site (then under construction) of the Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst, now referred to as S.M.A.K. Officially, this show was still referred to as an exhibition of the Museum Van Hedendaagse Kunst.

Sand Paintings (five), Galerie Analix, Genève, Switzerland 1996.

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Failed Paintings. Along with the sand paintings in the Galerie Analix show, were some tiny, gilded lead balls stamped with text.

Failure of Fuck Failure of Shit Failure of Cunt Failure of Cock Failure of Piss


Failure, Apology and Redemption, 6M circle, 6M square and 6M triangle. Sand, tinted sand, and gilded wood balls. Museum Van Hedendaagse Kunst, Gent, Belgium 1996.

A sandpainting in three parts about European historical complicity in the massacres in Rwanda during 1994.
As realized in Gent for a group exhibition entitled "De Rode Poort" curated by Jan Hoet.

rode1 rode2 rode3 rode4 rode5 rode6 rode7 rode8 rode9 rode9a



Up Comes Chuck, 330cm x 230cm. Sand and tinted sand. Museum Van Hedendaagse Kunst, Gent, Belgium, 1996

I was experimenting with making images using the tinted piles of sand and this self-portrait also included in the show at the bottom of a circular stairway, was among the first efforts.

chuck1 chuck2



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