New Photographic Portraits, Digital Photographs:
I'd been playing around with the pixilated portraits since back in the early nineties. Initially using small mounds of tinted sand as a way of introducing imagery into the sandpaintngs I'd been concentrating on for a while.
But the actual original inspiration (and maybe an inspiration for Chuck Close as well), was a Scientific American Magazine article back in 1973 called "The Recognition of Faces" by Leon Harmon, a Bell Labs scientist.

All images are approximately 900 pixels x 550 pixels (4.5" x 2.75" @ 200 ppi), 256 colors (greyscale).

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aida ann chris connie
dave debbie desmond emma
fantasia jim kevin kimberley
melanie lew lily lisa
matthew muriel rick ron


These last two images are as printed and matted for a juried photography exhibition at the Morris Graves Museum of Art in 2002, entitled "The Northwest Eye". Each image is 4.5" x 2.75" @ 200 ppi. I consider them to be photographs in the digital sense of photography, and so did the curator as they were accepted for exhibition.

julio hazel

Coming soon would be the oil on canvas versions of this type of pixilated photograph. Probably a bit more difficult to accept as photographs.



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