Magnificent Failure.

A solo exhibition at the Städtische Galerie Nordhorn, Nordhorn, Germany.
In 2004, I was invited by then director, Roland Nachtig√§llerto create a show in the now completed Städtische Galerie Nordhorn, the same exhibition hall where I participated in a group show called Topping Out back in 1997. The budget was high enough for me to be able to realize a number of projects: Failure of Beauty; Failure of Liberty; Failure of Truth; an homage to Salvador Dali on his 100th birthday; a projection of the Photo-Novella, MOUNT SHASTA; and an outdoor grass project titled the same as the entire exhibition: Magnificent Failure.
There is an PDF version of the gallery guide with additional photographs here: Guide

Failure of Beauty
A sand painting that echoes two panels on the wall. Images are of two 17 year old girls, one Palestinian and the other Israeli, who, although total strangers, walked into a Jerusalem supermarket at the same time. Witnesses said they saw them smile at one another and thought they might be sisters doing the family shopping. The Palestinian girl was carrying a bomb, detonated it, and both, along with many others, died.

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Failure of Beauty, painted cards on panels, loose tinted sand on floor, 2004.

beauty beauty beauty beauty beauty


Failure of Truth
An large work in sand in the shape of a B2 Stealth Bomber with formed sand hemispheres spelling out (in Braille code) the famous "16 words" that Bush spoke in the State of the Union Address, January 2003, during the push for war with Iraq.

Failure of Truth, 8M x 8M, formed sand hemishepres in loose sand, 2004

truth truth truth truth truth truth


Failure of Liberty
In another corner of the pavilion, initially hidden by partial walls, is a take on the Bush Administration's re-design of the Statue of Liberty. Altered to more accurately reflect this faction's attitude towards Europe. A four sided box, 3 meters high. Loose, formed sand at the base. Each side has a different view of the finger.

Failure of Liberty, 3M x 1M (4-sided), set onto a formed sand base mimicking the base of the Statue of Liberty.

liberty liberty liberty liberty liberty


Mount Shasta
A wall-size projection of "Mount Shasta" This Photo-Novella project, available since 2001 on the Internet as a serialized, streaming Flash movie, was re-configured as a DVD allowing better resolution and surround stereo sound. The soundtrack remained the same but my narration was translated for German subtitles

Mount Shasta, 44 minute, video with German subtitling.

shasta shasta shasta shasta


In Voluptate Mors, In the room next to the projection, an homage to Salvador Dali to coincide with his 100th birthday. A re-staging of the famous Dali collaboration with photographer Philippe Halsman from 1951: "In Voluptate Mors". This project was done in collaboration with the German photographer Helmut Claus.
Important to Note: This idea of actually recreating the famous image that convinced me as a child that I wanted to become an artist... this idea would never had occurred to me if it had not been for the profound influence of my very good old friend, Mike Bidlo.

Santino-Dali Photo Project.

dali dali


Additionally, a 50 Unit of Failure Certificate was created for the exhibition, to be given away.

The Certificate

cert-front cert-back


I Must Apologize, created for the exhibition as a part of the catalog. An updating of my Apology from ten years earlier.

The Apology



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