EXHIBITIONS: Weimar and Liepzig, Germany.
In the spring of 2009, I was contacted by Franz Motz, Director of the ACC Galerie in Weimar, Germany about participating in an upcoming exhibition to be called KUNSTFEHLER - FEHLERKUNST (FAILED ART - THE ART OF FAILURE). I was happy to discover someone was paying attention. After all, I'd made "failure" a centerpiece of my work since 1990. I told Herr Motz I would like to participate as "The Godfather of Failure". The exhibition was in two parts with the first being in the ACC Galerie Weimar where I was able to attend, do the sandpainting and performance before moving on to the second location in Leipzig. I couldn't be there for that show so the sandpainting, probably the most beautiful version ever done, was actually realized by Simon Wiese.

ACC Galerie Weimar , Germany, June 2009.
Halle 14 Leipzig , Germany, September 2009.


2009 - In the Barn

Studio Projects: Oil on canvas and oil on panel works done in the fall of 2008 and beginning of 2009. I'm posting them here only as a backup in case the barn burns down and because a few people were interested in what the studio looks like. This is sort of the loft of the barn with pretty good light from a large central skylight. The ground floor of the barn is dedicated to plaster/paint (contractor stuff - work for money) and storage. I'm still working out what these new paintings will look like and may post better, more documentation style photos later.

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366 367 369 370 371 372 373 374 375


Studio work from 2009: Oil on Canvas and Panel.

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lenin marx trotsky lew
klamath4 shasta5
lincoln obama shirl self


The All Happy Now Project at Humboldt Botanical Gardens. A salute to the extremely hardworking and much appreciated Humboldt County Sheriff's SWAP (Sheriff's Work Alternative Program) Team: 2 3 4




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