Work and Projects from 2015:
Two very interesting restoration projects along with setting up Mount Shasta, A Photo-Novella  as a physical book.
Link to a page about the restoration of a silver-leafed ceiling in the Mezzanine lobby of the Eureka Theatre.
Link to a page about the restoration of decorative plaster elements and stencil work in the old Ingomar Opera House within the Carson Block Building.

MOUNT SHASTA, A Photo-Novella (from the book jacket:)
Conceptual Adventures in Mountaineering!
In the near future, or perhaps the recent past.
Guided by failure and hopelessness, a ragtag team of mountaineers sets out on a adventure that transcends the normal bounds of storytelling.  They seek nothing less than the summit of the sacred mountain that provides a physical path between Earth and Heaven.  Mount Shasta, is a Photo-Novella, a story told not only with words, but with photographs.  In the late 1990's, contemporary artist Peter Santino, set out to make to a movie inspired by a beloved book.  With the help of a group of willing friends, a real mountain and a very limited budget of $120, this work was published on the Internet in 2001 as a streaming Macromedia Flash project: MOUNT SHASTA, A Photo-Novella for the Internet.  Now, some 15 years later, Mount Shasta returns in a form truer to the photo-novella.

After months of struggling to get a decent looking "print-on-demand" photo book, MOUNT SHASTA will stay available as a less-than-perfect but acceptable printed photo-novella. Affordable "print-on-demand" solutions from both Ingram and Amazon handle text and line art well enough but something about the combination of printers and papers makes it impossible for them to achieve a decent photograph. The only way the photography printing would look correct (and it does look great) would be to do the book in offset litho. This would require pre-ordering thousands of copies at an estimated cost of around $10,000 per thousand copies. So, either a gift, a grant or a publisher would be needed.

MOUNT SHASTA, A Photo-Novella, in print form, is a 10" x 8" softcover copy of essentially the same story as has been streaming as both a Flash movie on the santino.tv website and as a video on YouTube. Now, it's set up more in the form of a graphics novel with panels containing photos on each page (see the thumbnail samples below).



Below are some images to give an idea of what this project looks like. First one is the mechanical (pdf of both front and back covers), followed by three, 2-page speads.

Mount Shasta Cover


The original MOUNT SHASTA, A Photo-Novella for the Internet is available as a streaming video on YouTube HERE



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