Work and Projects from 2022:


The main thing I've been working on all this year is finishing the new novel, !EUREKA!
I started writing bits and pieces of this thing around five years ago but it finally snapped into focus when I decided it would be a "how-to" book about repairing old traditional plaster walls and ceilings. "Write about what you know", isn't that what they're always saying?
I have more than 50 years experience in the plaster and painting trade and no apprentice to pass along tips to. For a few years I was teaching these techniques out at the local community college, College of the Redwoods as part of their Historic Preservation Restoration Technology program which, sadly, was cancelled.
So, an old tradesman explaining tricks of the trade and sometimes drifting away during his lectures to anecdotes about growing up in his hometown; some possibly historical notes and vividly imagined tales about Eureka... Oh, yeah, Jack London and Edgar Allan Poe show up to add a little class to the undertaking.
Publishing in early 2023.


St. John the Baptist Church, Healdsburg

I was called to come down to Healdsburg to make a proposal for updating interior of the Catholic Church there. A parishioner had visited while I was working on the restoration work at St. Bernard Church and attended a lecture I gave which included quite a bit about my work in the "fine art" side of things. He thought I might have some ideas to rejuvenate the place. I got to thinking: St. John the Baptist, a favorite subject of Caravaggio, and put together some plans to use my pixilation technique to turn the interior into a Caravaggio. Sadly, the renovation team I met with was not wanting to go in this direction.

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Charles & Anne

There was some additional portrait work done during the year including these two of Charles and Anne. Charles was one of the very early members of the WACO group some fifty-three years ago, immortalized as Charles Motherthanker in the book LADY-FAME.




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