CLEAN & NEAT 1983-1985

These four episodes of CLEAN & NEAT posted on YouTube are from late 1984 and early 1985:

Hank JonesSneak at the Movies O, Wheel of Fortune Eddy Dixon

"Mount Shasta" 2001-2002

"Mount Shasta" was originally conceived and presented as a Photo-Novella for the Internet.
Posted in chapter form as each section was completed. The first Chapter of the work was placed on this website back in 2001.
I had wanted to do the project more as a film, a film composed of still images like Chris Marker's landmark work "La Jetée". But at the time, it was simply impossible to stream images of any size or quality over the Internet. The one possibility was to use Macromedia (now Adobe) Flash with some scripting that would allow for preloading of the sections and achieve a pretty decent look.
That Flash form of "Mount Shasta" is still available on this website HERE.
In 2004, I was invited to do an exhibition in Germany and wanted to include a projected video version of "Mount Shasta". That led to the making of a DVD from the old Flash files and also the improvement of some of the sound and image quality.
A version of "Mount Shasta" made from the DVD is available HERE.
That version still uses Flash which is problematic for some, so, finally...

"Mount Shasta" is available on YouTube!

Related YouTube Videos:

In this well produced posting by Patrick Baele, the 1996 exhibition, "De Rode Poort" at the Museum voor Hedendaagse Kunst Gent in Belgium is documented:
Two of my sandpaintings appear: "Failure, Apology and Redemption" at 1'55" into the video and "Up Comes Chuck" at 5'08".

Mr Baele also posts a video of the grand opening of SMAK (also in Gent, Belgium) in 1999:
Incredible hors d'oeuvres and a glimpse at an amazing work by the very unappreciated (in the US) Panamarenko.