In 1986, my wife Shirley and I decided to spend a year in Italy. This was before children so it was possible for us to manage squatting in a 500 year old abandoned farmhouse in the hills above Firenze.
The first images below are of work done in the 42nd Street studio, New York, early 1986.
April of 1986 until March of 1987 was spent in Pescina, Italy and some of the work done there is shown here.

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Paintings - New York, 42nd Street studio, early 1986.

"Trust Me" (triptich), 1986, 6ft. x 4ft. 6in. and 4ft. 6in. x 6ft. (each), oil on oilcloth.

4 paintings entitled "PETERSANTINO" (#1, #3, #4, #5), 1986, 6ft. X 1ft. 6in. and 4ft. 6in., oil on oilcloth

Work in studio, Pescina, Italy, 1986. Various materials

The studio in Pescina, 1986. The fact that it was so difficult to mount a work on the stone walls,
led to the idea of making work specifically for the floor.

An aerial view (taken by the Italian government) of "ROTHKO" under contruction and one of the completed work. 1986, 10M x 50M (approx), cut grass.

Two images of "La Strada d'Arte...", 1986, acrylic on cement on wall.