Paintings on plastic and 3 dimensional objects. Photography.
The images below are representative of three separate exhibitions in 1985.
"Shrouds" was included in a group show at 303 Gallery in the spring.
In the fall, a two part solo exhibition at Vox Populi, "Objective Work" followed by "Non-Objective Work"

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Vox Populi Gallery, September 1985. In all cases, the text in the painting is the title.
6ft. x 4ft. 6in. each, oil on clear vinyl.

"Objective Work"

Installation and "The Planets"


"World 1" and "World 2", 1985, 3ft. diameter hemisphere, oil on cast plaster.


"I AM THE AM THAT AM", 1985, 14ft. x 1ft. 6in. x 1ft. 6in., oil on aluminum litho plates on foam core.
(with grouping of minature cast plaster versions.)


"Non-Objective Work"

"AS WAS, IS NOW, SHALL BE", 1985, 3 panels, 6ft. x 4ft.6in.(each), oil on vinyl.
"Untitled", 1985, 2 panels, 36in. x 28in.(each), oil on vinyl.
"BAD MAN", "BAD GOD" 1985, 2 panels, 6ft. x 4ft.6in.(each), oil on vinyl.
"I AM, THE AM, THAT AM", 1985, 3 panels, 6ft. x 13ft.6in., oil on vinyl.


"Shrouds", 1985, (five panels, 2ft. x 8ft. each), photographic image on sensitized cotton muslin.
"Shrouds" was exhibited at the 303 Gallery as part of a group exhibition.