It Is Accomplished!

"ALL HAPPY NOW " 100 foot diameter ziggurat of earth and grass (and redwood bender board) located in The Humboldt Botanical Gardens, Eureka, California.

After a rough wet winter, work started again in the spring of 2007 with the aim of seeding in the fall and not having to cover the project with 6 mil black plastic sheeting again. Topsoil that had been placed the previous year but not covered, was overrun with weeds and had to be cleared. Additional topsoil was added and the bender board reinforced and repaired.

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The "Before and After" of the project:
Covered in plastic, overgrown with weeds, the sad state of "All Happy Now" in the spring of 2007.
Gallery of images showing the final push towards completion. October and November of 2007.

Topsoil placement was finished on November 4th with the help of many wonderful hardworking volunteers. Seeding was done on the 8th of November in anticipation of forecast rain. Also on the 8th and 9th a layer of peat moss was placed over the seed to protect and hold moisture. Finally, at a little before noon on the 9th of November, 2007, the last of the peat moss was rolled into place and "All Happy Now" was officially finished.
Now we just hope for rain in the proper amounts and a good germination.
An opening event will be planned for the Spring of 2008.