Halle 14

Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei

In June of 2009, I was invited by ACC Galerie DIrector, Frank Motz, to participate in an exhibition "KUNSTFEHLER-FEHLERKUNST" (Failed Art - The Art of Failure) . Running from June 14th through August 9th in Weimar, Germany and then moving to Halle 14, in Leipzig, September 12 through October 25.

The work consisted of a sand field with formed sand hemispheres laid out in Braille code and spelling out the Apology I have been using since back in 1995. Thumbnails below lead to larger images of the work. The full text of the Apology is HERE and in BRAILLE CODE HERE.

Two short lectures regarding Failure and Apology were also given. The first in Leipzig at Halle 14 as part of the 150 year anniversary of the former Spinning Mill that now serves as home to many arts related organizations. A link to a description of the lecture is HERE. Interestingly, I was provided with an English-German translator, an English-English sign language interpreter and a German-German sign language interpreter.

A video recording of that lecture became a part of the Halle 14 exhibition in Leipzig.

Halle 14 - Leipzig , Germany, September 2009. (PDF of Invitation HERE)

"Apology" 15M x 10M, sand, 1995-2009

The sand work was realized at its full scale of 15M x 10M (not possible at Weimar) in the large Halle 14 space. Since I was not able to be in Leipzig, the actual, back-breaking, work of laying out sand and perfectly creating all those little hemispheres was done by Simon Wiese. Much better than I would have done and I am most appreciative.

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