Work and Projects from 2017:
All Happy Now, Humboldt Botanical Gardens - Early 2017:
After almost ten years of service, the custom-milled, old-growth redwood bender-board was falling apart at too fast a rate for me to keep it looking good so it was decided to replace it with Corten steel strips, the same material used in the first All Happy Now created for the Sonsbeek 9 Exhibition in Arnhem, The Netherlands, 2001.
A huge amount of much appreciated work on this project was provided through the Humboldt County Sheriff's SWAP Program.

Images of the All Happy Now project:
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The major restoration work at St. Bernard Church in Eureka resumed again in September of 2017, continuing in the same manner as the sample area that I had done above the Choir Loft in 2010. While I had been able to cobble together scaffolding to do the section above the Loft, the ceilings in the Nave reach fifty feet above the floor and it was necessary to contract with a professional scaffolding company. The plan was to remove just the pews from the floor below a section, build the scaffolding and I would have six weeks to complete the area. The scaffolding company would then return, disassemble, the pews would be reset, and then on to the next section continuing until the Nave was finished. The Sanctuary was to be done at a later date.

Images of the work in St Bernard Church, Eureka:
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Project for THE BENBOW INN:
The historic Benbow Inn in Southern Humboldt was just beginning a major upgrade to the facilities and I was called down to do a few repairs to the old ceilings using traditional plaster techniques. At that time, the owners expressed an interest in copying the existing decorative plaster elements found on the walls and ceiling of the original lobby and using them in a newly added section.

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